Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Words

I am really happy with the success of this challenge. I've been thinking about what is different. During a Kid's Cook lesson we were tasting tomatoes. Before I took a bite I asked the class if they thought I eat tomatoes. They were right when they said yes. Then the Kid's Cook educator asked what I don't eat. The class was quick to tell her that I don't eat cupcakes, cookies, brownies, hot dogs....... I've been thinking about that. The words are just slightly different but they make a world of difference.
" I don't eat that." vs. "I can't have that." Interesting that one little difference means so much.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eight Weeks of Challenge

Tuesday marked 8 weeks since Amber and I started this challenge. What a difference it has made! I am down one whole size and 16 pounds lighter. I know that the challenge is about eating delicious food and that's what makes it so sweet. I AM HEALTHIER but have not suffered or feel cheated out of something. I eat delicious food. I think one big difference is that I have not and will not say that I am on a diet. I just eat differently and I plan on doing that forever. Cooking is fun but sometimes even Betty Crocker needs a night off.
Tonight I stopped to pick up dinner. Two months ago a stop at Rudy's would have been brisket, ribs, creamed corn, potatoes and probably peach cobbler. Tonight it was pulled pork for Paul, smoked turkey breast and corn on the cob after the guy promised me it had not been dunked in butter.( He told the truth as my taste bud are a witness.) I've found another place, Jason's Deli, that boasts of organic foods on their menu. Ok then, you've got me as a customer. So on nights when I need to stay in town or I'm just really tired I've got options. NICE! Let's see what wonders the next 8 weeks brings.