Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smoothie Options

I was perusing the blogosphere like I normally do each morning when I came across this "Smoothie Guide" --> Simple Blueprint's Smoothie Guide. I don't normally make smoothies because my blender is a piece of crap and I just don't ever think to do it. I also think fruit smoothies are good but get boring pretty quick. I have seen several alternative smoothie type recipes lately that have caught my attention due to their addition of veggies like parsley, spinach and even avocado. After I saw this guide I was on Williams Sonoma's website blender shopping in no time : ) What do you think??


  1. Some of these smoothies look interesting. I'm curious to know how they taste. Are you going to try some?

  2. I want to but I need a new blender first, mine isn't up to any task : )