Thursday, January 3, 2013

GOOP's Kale Chips

Do you read GOOP??  Occasionally I will hop on Gwyneths site and get lost in the loveliness of it all.  Yesterday, looking for healthy inspiration, I was perusing GOOP and came across a recipe for kale chips.  I was immediately intrigued as I had previously had kale chips, at Josephs Table in Taos, which were mouthwatering!! The nice thing about this recipe is how unbelievably simple it is.  It does take a little foresight because it takes over an hour, but other than that it's ideal. It's nice too that this is a snack food as that tends to be my greatest weakness.  I'm having to use her photos as my computer all of a sudden thinks my sd card needs to be formatted and wants to delete everything so...

Slow-Bake Kale Chips

While you're there you might as well have a look around, there are quite a few very healthy, tasty looking recipes!



  1. I will be making these in the morning. Snacking is such a problem. I didn't know GOOP.

  2. I made these yesterday and they are FANTASTIC!!! It's hard to eat just one.