Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ok, so school has started and my schedule has been crazy. In other words, normal for this time of year. My well laid plans for great cooking were developed and shopped for last Saturday. Saturday night and Sunday both went well with good food and then came Monday. The details of why the great cooking for the week didn't happen are not what this blog is about so lets get to the food part.
1. The emergency stash of vegetable curry came in handy. It was a great lunch one day.
2. Ryan left me a nice bag of grilled chicken with brown rice with a hint of sauce he made. He's catching on.
3. You CAN order a salad on the side of Mexican food and keep it in the healthy range. You have to ask but they'll do it.
4. Even when you're just making food for dinner (aka - throwing something together) you can use the ingredients that you know are better such as whole wheat pasta.
5. The smell of freshly made cupcakes can be resisted, really.

I will admit that if I wasn't 5 weeks into the challenge I might have caved a little (or a lot) but I'm just not willing to put junk into my mouth very often any more. I sure do hope that this challenge mentality lasts a lifetime because I know the lifetime will be more enjoyable.

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  1. Nice work on the resisting of freshly made cupcakes!!