Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Healthy Alternatives

So while I was at Whole Foods doing my veggie shopping this week I picked up some buffalo stew meat that was on sale. (It's actually in the crock pot as I sit here writing this.) I'd heard that buffalo was healthier and yada yada yada, I never really given it much thought so I decided to look it up online. A simple google search has me STUNNED! A comparison of buffalo to other meats not only shows that it is drastically lower in calories and fat than beef but it's also lower in calories and fat that chicken WITH THE SKIN OFF!! What! That can't be right, so I checked again. I looked at different web sites. I scratched my head and doubted everything that I know to be true in this world. Then I thought I would share because if that is true, and it seems to be, there is an option for a steak type food in my low calorie TASTY diet, YAY!!

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